Fueled Is Now Available For Direct Installation Via the BigCommerce Marketplace

Fueled, a purpose-built CDP for eCommerce, is now available for installation through the BigCommerce App Marketplace.

Today, we are proud to announce the release of the Fueled App for BigCommerce.

Fueled is a purpose-built Customer Data Platform for eCommerce.

Customer data platforms (CDPs) are tools that can help eCommerce brands better utilize first-party customer data to reach new customers, reduce customer acquisition costs, and increase customer lifetime value.

CDPs accomplish this by creating a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other tools. Data is pulled from multiple sources, cleaned and combined to create a single customer profile. This structured data is then made available to a wide range of destinations, such as other marketing systems and journey analytics tools.[1]

This diagram demonstrates how Fueled connects data from various “Sources” to downstream “Destinations.”

How Fueled Works with BigCommerce

The Fueled App for BigCommerce can be leveraged as a full-featured, standalone customer data platform for eCommerce. Or, it can be leveraged as a “connector” to other CDPs, such as Segment.

When leveraged as a CDP “source connector,” Fueled pricing starts at $199/month. When leveraged as a full CDP solution, pricing starts at $399/month and comes with a more comprehensive feature set, which we will describe below.

When the Fueled App is installed on your BigCommerce store, which we handle through a concierge onboarding service, the following customer events are seamlessly tracked and can be sent to hundreds of downstream destinations:

  • Page Viewed

  • Product Viewed

  • Product List Viewed

  • Product Added to Cart

  • Product Removed from Cart

  • Cart Viewed

  • Checkout Started

  • Checkout Step Viewed

  • Checkout Step Completed

  • Order Completed

  • Account Created

  • Account Updated

  • Login

  • Search

  • Search Results Viewed

Fueled handles both client-side and server-side event tracking for these events. All purchase events, for example, are tracked server-side—which means that even phone orders can be sent along to various destinations. (And don’t worry, we handle attribution tracking when moving between client-side and server-side tracking. It’s pretty darn sophisticated…)

To dive deeper into the Fueled data and event models, please visit our learning site: https://learn.fueled.io/.

What Ships With Fueled CDP Plus

When leveraging Fueled Plus, our app ships with core integrations and infrastructure to help BigCommerce merchant analyze customer journeys and power incredible experiences:

  • Website event tracking — including Facebook Ads & Google Analytics

  • eCommerce and marketing “source” and “destination” integrations

  • An optional data warehouse with all of your critical data prepped for quick analysis

  • Seamless integration into MixPanel, Amplitude, or Heap

Just a few of the platforms and tools with which Fueled integrates.

Fueled is also built to be inter-operable. So, if you already have a data warehouse or you want to sit your own BI tool on top of our warehouse, we can support your unique use cases.

What Fueled Unlocks for BigCommerce Merchants

Leveraging Fueled, BigCommerce merchants can:

  • Analyze and optimize a customer’s complete journey in interacting with a brand. Not only do we track storefront events, but customer service events, review submissions, and email/SMS marketing touch points.

  • Use our enriched event stream to trigger sophisticated marketing automations and personalize marketing experience.

  • Better segment key customer cohorts for more precise paid advertising targeting.

  • Understand product market fit, craft stronger offers, and make better merchandizing experience.

  • Provide strong customer support by contextualizing a customer journey in CX platforms like Gorgias and Zendesk.

  • Cut out numerous attribution tracking scripts on their website to improve page load speed and ensure more consistent data tracking.

Oh…And Fueled can make sure that your brand is ready for the cutover to Google Analytics v4, but more on that later.

Getting Started

The first step in turning on Fueled CDP for BigCommerce is to install our Google Analytics 4 Attribution Suite in the BigCommerce App Marketplace. (Don’t worry, if you already have GA4 configured, that’s okay. You don’t have to use our App for that.)

Then, reach out to us to set up billing and get started with our advanced integrations. Adding new sources of data is as easy as sending us an API key — same for adding new data destinations. We’ll handle the setup, at no additional cost to you.

For more information on Fueled or to get a demo, please reach out to us on our website: https://fueled.io.

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