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Fueled’s pricing takes the guesswork out of evaluating the ROI on launching a CDP.



Includes client-side and server-side eCommerce event tracking for accurate conversion/attribution tracking
Stream data into Google Analytics v4 and Facebook Conversion API
Stream eCommerce event data to

Fueled Plus


A full CDP solution for your business
Includes everything in our standard Fueled plan, plus:
Stream events into your marketing automation platforms like Klaviyo and journey analytics tools like MixPanel and Amplitude

Fueled Storage

$599/month add-on for either plan

Stream all of your first-party customer data into our fully-managed data warehouse
Own your own data
Analyze your data with BI tools like Tableau, SuperSet, Mode, or Looker
* Merchants with more than $15M/year in revenue qualify for our Enterprise Plan. Contact us for enterprise pricing.
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